‘Where’d your mom go?’

We had a big family get-together at Sarah’s parents’ house yesterday. Her dad invited one of his employees over. Kenny brought his wife and two tiny, cute and spunky little daughters. One of them, about 3 or 4 years old, came over to me during dinner and told me, “Your mom is upstairs with the baby.” I had to laugh, since she was referring to my wife as my mom.

I was like, “She’s older than me, but not that much older.”

Later, when it came time to leave, we all went outside. Sarah and I had driven separately, so she packed up Oliver and left before I did.

Kenny’s daughter looked at me and asked, “Where’d your mom go?”

I laughed again. In fact, I’m laughing right now thinking about it. Poor Sarah — mom to a baby and, according to this little kid, a 32-year-old grown man.

2 thoughts on “‘Where’d your mom go?’

  1. Maybe Sarah just has an aura of maturity that you have not yet developed (because I think you guys look about the same age). Maybe the kid meant to ask where’s your “baby mama?”

  2. Not so funny Justin. Kids are very intuitive, as you will soon find out. Maybe your interactions with your wife are less like your wife and more like a mother-figure. Try to remember what it was like when you were dating and people could tell from looking at you two that you were in love. If a little kid thinks Sarah is your mother as well as Oliver’s, that might be a warning. It could be nothing but hey, you brought it up.

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