Oliver ‘peas’ and ‘poos’

Oliver is finally eating real food  Yes, he’s now enjoying a small meal of oatmeal and peas once a day. True, he did have rice cereal a few times over the past several weeks, but with veggies, it actually seems like a big deal.

At first he seemed really confused as he gummed at the green concoction we scraped into his mouth. About half the food made it into his mouth, with the other half running down his chin. But overall, he seemed to enjoy it.

It was a lot of fun feeding him that first meal — that is, until we saw what real food does to Oliver’s diaper the next day. Talk about stink!

Here’s the mighty first meal, in jar form:

Here’s the boy, all ready in his high-chair for his first real meal:

Here’s he shows of his confused-with-food-on-face look:

36 thoughts on “Oliver ‘peas’ and ‘poos’

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