Happy anniversary to my sweetie

To my sweetie,

Three years ago today we became one. It was just you and me back then. No dog. No Oliver. Just Sarah and Justin.

We learned to live with each other. We learned to love each other even more. And most importantly, we learned to live and love without boundaries.

Who would have thought that the “hot chick” I hit on at a smoky bar almost seven years ago would now be my wife of three years and mother to my beautiful little son? Simply amazing.

Love always,




36 thoughts on “Happy anniversary to my sweetie

  1. Happy Anniversary to BOTH of you! Our family has been blest by your presence in Sarah’s life. You two are great together. We wish you a life filled with love and contentment.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !! To the cutest couple ever. May you both have many more years of special times and memories. Love Aunt Kay

  3. Happy anniversary! You guys are so great, I’m so happy that we’ve become friends over the past year. I can’t wait to see what it’s like when you’re old and grey (although in Justin’s case, he’s already both).

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