The boy finally moves into his own place

There’s no “empty nest syndrome” in the Lopinot household today, despite the fact that Oliver has finally moved into his own place. Yes, after 11 weeks of sleeping in my family’s 150-plus-year-old cradle 2 feet from our bed, Oliver slept in his own room last night.

The result? The best night of sleep we’ve had since March 4, 2008 (two days before Oliver was born).

Here’s the quick play-by-play:

I wrapped Oliver tight in his Miracle Blanket and took him into the bathroom around 10 p.m. I turned the fan on and the lights off (he likes the noise — go figure) and he was asleep in about 30 seconds. I then I took him to his room, put him into his crib, turned on our baby monitoring device and went back to our room.

Shortly thereafter, Sarah and I went to sleep. I can’t speak for the both of us, because I was out cold, but I slept and slept and slept — all the way until 6:30 a.m. A little shocked at first, I quickly realized that our house was completely calm and quiet. So I went back to sleep for two more hours.

I feel amazing today. The boy made it through the night (I found out later that he woke up for a 5:30 a.m. feeding, which I slept through). He’s growing up so fast. The next thing we know he’ll be off to college. Right?

116 thoughts on “The boy finally moves into his own place

  1. This proves that even the great editors need an editor. I’ve updated the entry. His crib is located in his room. Thanks!

  2. Yes, that is exactly right. It was just yesterday when I was trying to get my 18-year-old to sleep through the night and now he leaves for college in three months. I’m so happy you finally got a good night of sleep.

  3. That is fantastic that he and you slept so well!! Hopefully it will be consistent (for the most part)! Cannot wait to see the three of you!

  4. No wonder you couldn’t sleep. Infants sleep in the same room as the parents? I have so much to learn … Glad everyone is getting more sleep!

  5. It’s hard to see links on my Web site, but click on the words “Miracle Blanket” to visit the official site for the product. If you can’t find it there, try Amazon. It was one of the best purchases we’ve made since Oliver was born.

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