Free photos for first-time parents at Wal-Mart

Last night, Sarah sent me out to pick up a few items like gauze pads, baby wipes and Mylicon (for those in the know, yes, our son has some bad gas). I thought, “While I’m out, I should get a few prints made of some of the hundreds of photos we’ve taken over the past week.”

I could have went anywhere, but decided on Wal-Mart. It as a sound decision. Here’s why: I took my flash drive back to the photo department and loaded it into the Kodak machine. It was really cool. Instead of waiting an hour for the prints, the pictures started popping out of the machines within minutes. However, the machine didn’t tell me how to pay. I could have easily just walked away with some freebie photographs.

Instead, I went into the electronics department on the other side of the wall and asked the man how I was supposed to pay for the pictures. He flipped through them briefly, inserted the stack into a sleeve and then told me, “There’s no charge. Photos are free for new parents.” So they were freebies after all.

How sweet was that? At just 28 cents apiece, and with only 25 photos, the gesture only saved me $7. But it also earned a lot of my respect. Being part of the public relations industry (or whatever terms we’re using nowadays), this was a smart move on behalf of Wal-Mart. Next time I’m thinking about getting prints made, Wal-Mart will be the place I think of first. They’ve earned my business through their $7 investment.

Are there any other perks for new parents that I should be aware of? If so, let me know!

14 thoughts on “Free photos for first-time parents at Wal-Mart

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