A bath, a doctor visit and more napping

Yesterday, we had our first so-called “big” day since coming home from the hospital. It started off with our first morning alone at the house. Just the three of us. Trying to get going. Once we finally did get our acts together, we headed to the pediatrician for Oliver’s first appointment. Everything checked out fine, but they wanted to check him for jaundice again, so we had to head down to a different medical office for a blood draw (Oliver’s numbers were great, by the way).

We then headed to Dierberg’s to pick up a prescription for Sarah. I sat the car with Oliver. And I sat. And I sat. And I sat … Probably took over a half hour, and we just sat there doing nothing. It’s about as fun to write and read about as it was to actually be there.

At home, we all ate lunch and awaited the arrival of Grandma Annette. Once she got here, we gave Oliver his first bath (see picture below). Because his umbilical cord is still attached, it was more of a sponge bath. He was really calm about it, which we all found surprising. For example, he just closed his little eyes and let the water run through his hair as I rinsed away the baby shampoo. He smelled much better afterward, and he was ready for a nap with grandma so Sarah and I headed upstairs for over two hours to catch up on sleep ourselves.

Refreshed around 5 p.m., we got ready for some visitors, one of my longest and best friends, Jason, and his wife. They got here around 5:30 p.m., and we hung out for a half hour, just long enough to keep Oliver’s stomach at bay, since he was due for a feeding.

After that, everybody was gone and it was again just the three of us here. We had a relaxing evening, catching up on some old episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.” With a late feeding at 11 p.m., we finally were able to sleep around 12:30 a.m. Oliver did pretty well overnight and we don’t have anybody coming over today, so hopefully everything will go smoothly.

So far, the most exciting thing that has happened today is Oliver breaking his personal record by tooting about 10 times in a row. Gosh, does he make me proud.

1 thought on “A bath, a doctor visit and more napping

  1. Hey Justin and Sarah, I’ve been woefully out of the Baby Lopinot loop for a bit (work has been busy … ), so I completely missed the trauma of your hospital stay. I’m so sorry your first days were less than perfect, and I am SO glad you are all home safe and sound – and together – now! Congratulations again. I’m delighted for all of you!

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