“The Squirt incident” or “Sharing a first alcoholic drink with my son”

After a long week, I often relax on Friday by downing a beer with dinner. Since my wife was at the store and the beer supply was low after a Stokes-filled weekend, I decided to break into the liquor cabinet for some vodka. After rummaging through the fridge, I settled on a can of Squirt as the mixer. I poured the concoction into a pint glass, sat down at the island in our kitchen to eat and read a magazine, and in walked Sarah from the store.

We chit-chatted for a few minutes before I continue with my routine. As I read the magazine to my left, I caught some commotion in the corner of my right eye. Sarah was sneaking a sip of my Squirt. Turns out she took three huge gulps before realizing the glass wasn’t pure corn syrup and water. She freaked out for a minute or so, but it’s now kind of funny.

Turns out I just shared a first alcoholic drink with my son. And I thought I’d have to wait until the year 2029!

48 thoughts on ““The Squirt incident” or “Sharing a first alcoholic drink with my son”

  1. I’m surprised that Child Protective Services isn’t knocking down your door!You know, Big Brother IS watching. By the way, cute kid.

  2. You’re right…those Stokeses can drink. Even if you start the little squirt early, Chester will never be able to drink them under the table. New controversy: the correct plural spelling of Stokes.

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