Oliver during his ‘2-year-olds’ class

Oliver will soon attend his last “2-year-olds” class at the library near our house. He attends most Mondays, and really loves it. With a work holiday this past Monday, I got to attend for just the second time. And boy, what a contrast!

The first time we went, he was barely 2, and he was so timid and shy. He sat on my lap the entire time, was the last kid to bring his colored paper up to the board during a game and wouldn’t participate in the songs/dances.

Now, he’s like Franklin or Pig-Pen from The Peanuts (remember their dancing during the Christmas special?)! He hardly pays attention, instead dancing by himself like a little goofball. He sings really, really loud. And he’s among the first kids to bring his colored paper up to the board during that game.

What a character!

I used my phone to shoot a couple videos so other people could see what I am talking about. Enjoy:

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