Oliver’s new train

Though this post is a day (technically, nine days) late and dollar short, I need to get it up for Sarah’s second cousin Bill. You see, Oliver loves trains. I mean, really loves them. And so does Bill.

Bill wanted to share his love of trains with Oliver, so he convinced a bunch of relatives to go in on a sweet Lionel set for the boy for Christmas. We cannot thank everybody enough. Bill, who lives in Texas, is anxious to see Oliver’s reaction. So, without further ado, here’s the unveiling of the train at Christmas:

5 thoughts on “Oliver’s new train

  1. What a wonderful gift! There are MANY railroad folks in Oliver’s family history…even indirectly: Jim’s dad worked for Southern Pacific Railroad and later Amtrak. Jim’s uncle Doug Lee retired as a switchman in St. Louis after many years! Great Grandma Carol can tell tales of her dad, too! xoxo

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