Our son says his first word: “dada”

While it might not sound like much, I’m 100 percent certain that Owen has said his first word. He’s been babbling “da-da” for weeks, but last night I noticed something. He was really cranky, but when I sat down next to him and started into his eyes, he whispered, “Dada,” and then grinned ear to ear at me. He did it a couple times. Since he associated “dada” with me, I think that makes it officially his first word!

Tonight, after work, I went over to talk to him and the same thing happened … I made eye contact with him, he stopped his cranky noises, and he whispered, “Dada, dada, dada,” and then smiled at me before carrying on with his whining. I yelled over to Sarah to listen, then asked him who I am, and he whispered, “Dada,” again.

Finally, I grabbed my phone to shoot the video below. By this point, he was getting pretty cranky, but you can hear a really clear, whispered “dada” at the beginning and then an even fainter one near the end of the clip. Pretty cool stuff – at least to me. Here’s the video:

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