Our long-lost visitor

We had a long-lost visitor at our house the past four days: As an early birthday gift to my wife, I flew her best friend to town for an extended weekend. We hadn’t seen Reidun since our wedding five-plus years ago. We had lost contact with each other and then reconnected through Facebook.

A lot has change since we last saw Reidun. She got to meet (and dance with and be harassed by) our crazy goldendoodle Molly; she met and charmed the heck out of our son Oliver; and she received lots of adoring looks from our youngest son, Owen.

Some things haven’t changed between the two ladies. You should have seen them … giggling like 13-year-olds, watching a movie that came out when they were 13, and visiting the hot-spots they went to when they were 13. But in all seriousness, they did do a lot of other stuff, such as taking the boys to the St. Louis Zoo and shopping/dining on Main Street in St. Charles.

All of us – husband, wife, kids and dog – miss Reidun already. Let’s hope another five years doesn’t pass before we see her again.


9 thoughts on “Our long-lost visitor

  1. I remember Reidun from your wedding weekend! There is something timeless about dear friendships. It is nothing short of magic to reconnect with a dear friend, and just pick it up again! Happy birthday sweet Sarah! Justin is a keeper, for sure! xoxo

  2. It was a wonderful surprise for Sarah. Justin is the best to come up with and carry through the idea! Reidun and Sarah always had a great time together whatever they did. And ALWAYS lots of giggling. We all enjoyed Reidun’s visit. Thanks, Justin, for being you! Love ya!

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