In one boy and out the other … learning to eat and use a toilet

We’ve had two back-to-back days with momentous occasions in our boys’ lives. Yesterday, Owen ate food for the first time. We mixed up a bowl of rice cereal and he chowed down. He did unbelievable well. I guess that was to be expected, as he is over 5 months old now, so perhaps overdue to be eating food. Oliver was already on jarred food at this age. Here’s a picture of Owen enjoying his cereal:


And then, not to be outdone, Oliver stepped up to the plate – OK, the potty training toilet – and did his thing for the first time. Just a little No. 1, but he did it a couple of times on command. (And to prevent future embarrassment, no pictures.) It was another great first, and hopefully a building block toward weaning him off of diapers during the next several months.

What good boys we have!

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