When worlds collide: The boys visit the office

Tomorrow will be my last official day working at the Standing Partnership , and I have a lot of great memories. Though most of my memories involve learning opportunities and client work, I’ve also had a lot of fun. This includes

  • Countless “Fridays at 4” happy hours that went a bit too long (though I never got “grounded” by my wife, despite joking about it);
  • Riding our receptionist’s scooter around the hallways; 
  • A surprise baby shower in which my wife showed up at the end of a loooong retreat as “one more guest” (hopefully nobody saw me roll my eyes before I realized the guest was Sarah!);
  • An awesome visit to our former Portland office;
  • Getting an Alyssa Milano autograph despite not getting to meet her in person (12-year-old Justin would have DIED to know that I almost had this opportunity);
  • Touring an underground mine;
  • Talking hockey with the boss;
  • Seeing the other boss’s husband’s band rock some ’80s hair metal;
  • Tuning in a Cardinals’ playoff game on the television and my co-worker’s resulting excitement; and
  • all the fun I’ve had with the great group of people I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside.

During my nearly four years at this company, I also welcomed my two boys into the Lopinot clan. Last week, my worlds collided when Sarah brought Oliver and Owen to the office to eat lunch and mingle with my co-workers. Below are a few pictures. Enjoy.




2 thoughts on “When worlds collide: The boys visit the office

  1. Even though I haven’t worked with you in over a year, I have so many memories of working with you and truly becoming friends. From the Rams games and Mizzou games on TV (thanks, Sarah, for letting Justin go!) to all of my visits in your office (where the birds flying into the window would scare the *bleep* out of me) to visiting Oliver at your home right after he came home, please know that you had an amazing positive impact on a former coworker. I only hope that you meet some runt at your next gig who you can take under your wing as you did me; they’ll be lucky.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I really enjoy working with young people, and am glad to know that I had a positive impact. I will talk to you soon, friend.

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