Oliver’s second birthday

I can’t believe our little baby is 2 years old. Yes, Oliver today celebrated the big 2; his second birthday. We had a fun little party – just family, but still more than 20 people packed into our house. Oliver had a blast, and he enjoyed being the center of attention.

He got a lot of great gifts. This is the pretty rad Schwinn trike that Sarah and I bought for him:


Here’s one of the first family photos of the new group of four – too bad Oliver was more interested in being put down so he could run up the hill and throw sticks into the woods:


Here’s Oliver opening a present. He didn’t need any help getting the wrapping paper off, though mom had to read the cards and dad or his grandpa Rodney had to cut the toys loose from the packaging:


His favorite thing right now is Thomas & Friends, and he got a bunch of wood tracks to play with. We’ve since built a pretty elaborate track, but we set up a simple one at first because he was so anxious to play with it. Here he is, taking Thomas for a loop around the track with his grandpa Neal:


He also got a pretty cool Little Tikes basketball hoop from his uncle Aaron and aunt Shima. Here he is dunking, with assistance from Aaron:


Last night, we practiced blowing out candles so that his big moment today would be a success. Well, he now knows what to do but just doesn’t great a big enough jet stream to get the fire out, so Sarah and I had to help a bit:


We didn’t, however, have to help him eat the cake:


We had so much fun today, and he was beyond tired after the guests all headed home. His aunt Carrie and her boyfriend Eli enjoyed the visit, too, as seen in this picture:


So that’s it. Our boy is now 2. Crazy. He’s on his way to being a young man, I’m sure, before we even know it!

1 thought on “Oliver’s second birthday

  1. Wow, Oliver is 2 years old! You are right, the time goes so fast. Enjoy your sweet family. We love you, S&J xoxo

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