Owen’s second day – curious about the big world out there

We got a lot of alone time today with Owen, which was special. We also were visited by his great-grandma Frieda, great-grandpa Gil and his sister Anna, my parents, his grandma Annette and her sister, and, of course, his big brother Oliver.

But what I’ll remember most about Owen’s second day is the way he opens his eyes wide and just looks around at everything. He appears so curious about the big world out there. He’s been (**knock on wood**) very quiet. He makes little, whimpy cries when he’s hungry, but otherwise he just lays there, eyes darting around the room and soaking in his environment. Wonder what he’s thinking about …


63 thoughts on “Owen’s second day – curious about the big world out there

  1. Congratulations, Justin and Sarah! Glad everything went so well. You’ve got some really wonderful pictures!

  2. Congrats, Justin and Sarah! Owen is so sweet and looks just like his big brother. I hope to get to see you guys soon. OK, Daddy, I know you are tired, but quit mixing up Oliver and Owen’s names!! Too confusing! 🙂 Just razzing you a bit…enjoy your beautiful baby boy OWEN.

  3. Congrautlations to you and your sweet family and welcome to adorable Owen! Hugs for Oliver, too!Best wishes,Mary Phelan

  4. Congratulations Justin! Little Owen is precious and I’m so glad everyone is doing well. Sarah is BEAUTIFUL, even just after giving birth! How nice that you have this time with your sweet family. Enjoy and worry about sleep later. We miss you here, but Michelle is keeping us company and holding your fort down. Best to all of you, Kathryn

  5. Thanks, all, for the comments. We’re hanging in there. Been home for a day, and I hope to blog about it in a few minutes.

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