Feeling nostalgic: My presentation at Fontbonne University

Today, I had the honor of presenting to students at Fontbonne University during the “Student Alumni Association Brown Bag Lunch Series.” I delivered a brief presentation, using photos and work samples from freshman year to the present. The point was to give students an idea of how I’ve used my degree and built my career. I also spent quite a bit of time talking about my current employer, Standing Partnership, and our work in education.

I was feeling quite nostalgic, both over the weekend while going through and scanning old photos, and on campus, walking into the library where I had work-study so many years ago. I met some great people and students. And I almost talked my way into checking out the new office for The Fontbanner, the school paper for which I served as editor-in-chief for three semesters, but the current editor had a class after the presentation. Oh well.

Hopefully I will have additional excuses to get up to campus in the future, as I loved my time at Fontbonne. Many of the people who shaped the person I am today are still there, teaching classes, running dormitories and overseeing the university. I’d also like to meet new people there, including “talking shop” with the marketing/PR team at some point.

Below is a photo from my presentation. Enjoy!


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