Pregnancy update – our first great profile picture

Sarah had another ultrasound today, and our little boy-to-be was looking really cute. He’s right on track size-wise, running maybe about two weeks ahead of schedule so not too big. He’s currently about 2 pounds, 5 ounces.

We got a whole bunch of photos, including some showing his little hands and his dimpled chin. We also got our first great profile picture. Of course, I have to share it. Enjoy:


14 thoughts on “Pregnancy update – our first great profile picture

  1. Oh my gosh! When I saw this picture it reminded me of Oliver. It also brought tears to my eyes. I printed a copy so I can put it next to Oliver’s special photo on my refrigerator. I say it again and again, but how lucky you and Sarah are. Oliver is a wonderful little guy. The baby will be so welcomed and loved by everyone. Love,Grandma Sharon

  2. Wait until you hold this picture up next to the one of Oliver – I know which one you’re talking about. They look almost identical. It’s eerie, but in a good way of course.

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