Our son now has pneumonia

Our son’s Croup is, more or less, behind him. However, his fever came back with a vengeance yesterday. His temperature was consistently around 102 degrees, and hit 103 at one point. He was up a good part of the night.

Because my pregnant wife has the flu and also is running a fever, I took the day off to play doctor/nurse. This morning, I took Oliver to see his pediatrician. We were sent down for a chest X-ray and the results show that Oliver has pneumonia. Scary.

He spent most of the day sobbing and repeating “Momma, momma, momma” over and over. At one point, I held him on the couch and put on some children’s programs. He clung to my chest tightly for almost two hours and even slept on me for about half an hour. It was kind of sweet, since that hasn’t happened since he was about four months old. I feel so bad for the little guy.

Anyway, he appeared to be a little more active this evening, after his new meds kicked in. I hope tomorrow goes well and that nobody else catches the pneumonia (KNOCK ON WOOD!). Will keep everybody posted.

2 thoughts on “Our son now has pneumonia

  1. The Lopinot family needs to get well! It sounds like you are all doing the best you can. We love you! Aunt Shirley & Uncle Jim xoxo

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