Pregnancy Q&A: Part Deux

With Sarah’s first pregnancy, I did a couple FAQ/Q&A features on the blog to answer some questions that have come up frequently. People seemed to like it then, so let’s delve into a new round. We’ll call it “Pregnancy Q&A: Part Deux.” Here you go:

Q: Are you and Sarah having a boy or girl?
A: We aren’t sure yet. We have an ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday, so we may find out during that visit. And yes, we want to know.

Q: What do you want, a boy or girl?
A: This will sound cheesy, but I honestly will be happy with either. I’ve written on here before how it would be fantastic and totally new to have a little girl, but it also would be awesome to see Oliver grow up with a little brother.

Q: Have you picked out any names?
A: No. And so you know, we don’t plan to share the name once we do have one in place. You’ll find out in late February or early March, along with the rest of the world.

Q: When’s the due date?
A: The official due date is March 5. However, our doctor doesn’t want Sarah to go past 39 weeks, so it’ll be at least a week earlier than that.

Q: Where’s the baby’s room going to be?
A: We’re not 100 percent sure. We may convert our guest room into a room for the baby. Or we may convert that room into Oliver’s toddler room and move the baby into his current room. We’ll likely decide fairly soon, as it’s a lot of work to get a room ready for a child.

Q: How has Sarah been feeling?
A: She has had any major morning sickness symptoms for quite some time. Even when she was feeling bad, it was mostly the case of being tired and maybe a tad nauseous. Nothing major.

Q: Are you ready to have a second child?
A: No.

Q: Are you excited?
A: Yes, very much so.

Q: What’s Oliver think of the pregnancy?
A: Honestly, he doesn’t have a clue. We talk about it, and he just stares blankly. We show Sarah’s belly to Oliver, and he just reaches out and pulls her shirt back down. My guess is that maybe – just maybe – he’ll have a tiny grasp of the concept as the date nears. For now, it’s of no concern to him.

Q: How’s Sarah’s job situation?
A: Not very good. She’s still looking, along with thousands and thousands of other people in the St. Louis area. Money’s going to be tighter this go-round, that’s for sure, and I surely am nervous about it. But we’ve survived in the past and I think we’re going to be fine this time, too.

Well, that’s another official Q&A in the books. If you have any other questions for me, please leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail. I’ll try to utilize this feature again in the future. Thanks for reading.

12 thoughts on “Pregnancy Q&A: Part Deux

  1. Too bad I didn’t read this before I started all of my questioning on FB! Thanks for the updates and I’m glad things are going well! Tell Sarah HI! Hopefully we can get down sometime soon to visit since it’s been WAY too long!

  2. You’re funny. No biggie. I’ve been answering these questions a lot lately, so figured this would be an easy way to get my key messages and answers out there. Hope to see you guys soon. It has really been quite some time!

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