Celebrating (OK, not really) layoffs on Labor Day

Labor Day? Isn’t this supposed to be the big holiday where we celebrate hard-working Americans? It sure doesn’t feel special this year, not with my wife laid off along with many of my friends and associates. It’s a scary time right now, and I hope that the next year turns around for our country.

As I eat a bratwurst and hang out with family this afternoon, I’m going to count my blessings, which include two great jobs (which I need more than ever right now!), a wonderful wife, an awesome son and another child on the way. Oliver turned 18 months old yesterday – yes, a year and a half! Crazy, and it also means that Sarah’s pregnancy now has less than six months to go. Maybe that will be the “labor” for me – Sarah’s pending labor, as she will be delivering yet another beautiful life into this world early next year. Ahhh … that makes me feel much better. Time to go fire up a grill now …

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