Our son still has a ‘doggy complex’

Oliver still has a “doggy complex.” Our goldendoodle, Molly, is his best friend right now. The two of them are always chasing each other around, fetching toys and digging in the doggie food dish.

Here’s a video of the two of them goofing around at my grandma’s house this past weekend:

And here’s a video of Oliver running into Molly’s crate (his new thing, any time he hears us tell Molly to go there):

2 thoughts on “Our son still has a ‘doggy complex’

  1. Ok, what a delight! We are both amazed at what a sweet dog Molly is and what an ‘obedient’ boy Oliver is! Kid Krate…I think you’re onto something 🙂 (just kidding, of course)

  2. He is like the eveready bunny – he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Thought for sure there was going to be tears , but he just pulled himself out of it. He just cracks me up. It is great that he has a good pup like molly to play with. Keep those great videos coming. Love Aunt Kay

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