A really nice Father’s Day

I had a really nice Father’s Day, for those of you who care to know. The day started out with a big breakfast, then I got a really sweet card. Sarah made it with some help from Oliver. It features his first ever doodles (we just bought him crayons).

Next, we headed to Brentwood, where I had an ice hockey game. That was special for me, because it was Oliver’s first time “watching” (said loosely) me play. It was hard for me to concentrate on the game at times, as I kept looking across the ice and seeing Oliver running back and forth behind the top row of seats. Was pretty cool, and I’m always going to remember him watching me play on Father’s Day.

Next, we headed to Sarah’s parents’ house for a barbecue. That was, of course, also very nice. Had a great time. Now we’re home and relaxing before bed.

Below are a couple pictures of Oliver with his proud dad today. (Oh yeah, and I’ll write about his haircut later — you may notice between pictures that his ‘do is shorter later in the day.) Enjoy:



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