Taking our son to his first baseball game

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to take our son to his first baseball game. My father-in-law was given four box seats to the Cardinals game behind home plate, so we tagged along with them. It was a beautiful night, perfect for baseball. I think the temperature was in the low 70s with a cool breeze. Very nice.

The game was a snooze-fest bummer, with the Cardinals getting their butts handed to them by the Colorado Rockies by a score of 10-1. But we had fun anyway. Oliver was really well-behaved the entire time, which surprised his parents and grandparents. He sat on our laps and ate snacks, stood in front of us, gawked at other fans (they gawked back, often commenting on how cute he is) and then conked out.

Below are a few pictures. Enjoy.

Oliver and his momma:


Looking interested in the game (I think he actually was staring at the scoreboard lights):


Sleeping on Sarah around the seventh inning, as Rod and Annette look on:


And finally, the wife and me on the roof of the parking garage shortly after the game ended:


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