Oliver gets haircut No. 4

Oliver is just 10 months old, but he’s already on haircut No. 4. What a head of hair!

He was looking kind of Donald Trump-esque of late, so Sarah’s brother gave the boy a new ‘do today. Here are before and afters (in two cool St. Louis Blues outfits, by the way):



What do you think? Like the short hair, or the frock?

6 thoughts on “Oliver gets haircut No. 4

  1. Well, I personally love pic#2. He’s so darn cute! I know lots of people find it hard to part with that long-haired ‘baby’ look, but I think it’s adorable to see a little guy with a big guy haircut. But then again, both my boys were born with lots of hair and had haircuts by 4 months old, so I’m rather partial to that look. 🙂

  2. I kind of like the hair in the middle. It was looking way too shaggy, but the perfectly cut hair, to me, looks so … well … like a little boy. It’s hard, b/c he’s still our baby, you know? I’ll give it a few weeks, then I think it’ll look much better.

  3. Oliver is so cute! Can’t wait to see him and both of you this weekend. His haircut looks good, but I like the longer style – makes him look younger!

  4. my husband says it’s not fair that oliver has one of the new design of sweaters and he doesn’t. thanks a lot justin.

  5. Actually, my way-cool, hockey-loving boss bought that jersey for Oliver. Sooooo, your husband should be jealous of my company instead of me!

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