Our baby uses sign language – “more please”

OK, the coolest thing happened yesterday. We’ve been using baby sign language with Oliver for several months, trying to get him to “tell” us what he wants, as opposed to grunting. Well, yesterday, it finally worked. He is now signing “more” when he wants more food. To make this sign, you move your thumbs and fingers together and touch the 10 digits in front of you (if this makes no sense, Google it for a better explanation).

Here’s a short video of one of the first times our baby used sign language:

Still skeptical? Here’s further evidence:

Would you like to sign “more” to me? I have lots more video proof here. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

80 thoughts on “Our baby uses sign language – “more please”

  1. Great job, Justin! But look out – now he will begin signing like crazy. Once Ginger’s first sign showed up, it was ALL OVER! Now she is very demanding via sign language.

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