The goldendoodle meets her match (in the form of a yorkie-poo)

As you may have read in my last blog entry, we had a lot of family in town for the holidays. Mainly, the family time was all about Oliver, with a dash of my parents, my sisters and their men thrown in. See, aren’t the sisters/men looking happy:


But in all seriousness, the past few days have been all about Molly and Smith. My sister and her husband brought their puppy, Smith, with them from Minnesota. He’s a yorkie-poo. A little, cute, energetic yorkie-poo. An adorable, yappy yorkie-poo. Did I mention he has a lot of energy? Doesn’t he look innocent:


Most of you know about Molly, our crazy goldendoodle. Anyway, we put Molly and Smith together for a few days. They got along well, but there was a lot of horseplay. Imagine dealing with this for 20-minute intervals throughout the day:

At least they eventually tired out. Good friends for life, don’t you think:


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