Using my hands to count my sleep

As you probably know, Oliver was born on March 6. Since that time, he has rarely slept through the entire night. In fact, I can still count on my hands how many times he has made it until morning. But that could all end tonight!

Yes, Oliver has now slept through the night a total of 10 times over the past nine-plus months. Just 10! The good part is that he’s done it the past four nights in a row. That’s obviously a new record.

I don’t know what to do with myself now that I’m no longer dragging all day long. Just imagine how refreshed I’ll be once this becomes a regular thing.

Well, I’ll end this post with a huge **KNOCK ON WOOD** just to be safe. Wish us luck. We need the rest.

1 thought on “Using my hands to count my sleep

  1. Hey Justin – just dropping by to say hi. Oliver has grown so much and is so cute. Happy Holidays to you and the rest of your family!

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