Oliver at 39 weeks (squared)

Oliver is 39 weeks old today. It’s 39 weeks squared, so to speak. Why is this such a big deal? Because as of today, Oliver has officially been outside the womb as long as he was in it. Pretty cool.


To mark the occasion (well not really, it’s just a coincidence), we took Oliver for his 9-month doctor appointment today. He’s right on track in terms of percentages as compared to our last visit. His weight (22.25 pounds) is still in the 75th percentile, his length (29.75 inches) in the 90th. His head circumference is still up there, in the 97th percentile. And yes, the doctor talked again about large Lopinot heads. Fun times.

Oh yeah, and something cool happened at the doctor’s office. Another tooth was discovered. The doctor was counting teeth and said, “Looks like there are three.” We said, “No, he has four.” She said, “I can see the fourth one, but it hasn’t broken through.” Turns out the doctor was talking about the top teeth. Sarah and I were talking about the total. So for anybody confused over what I just wrote, Oliver now has five teeth, with another a few days away from arriving. Again, pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “Oliver at 39 weeks (squared)

  1. He gets cuter every time you post pictures. But I had to laugh…he weighs more than my 23 month old! Of course, Lila is on the other end of the percentile scale AND a girl. So that’s in no way a “hey-your-kid-is-HUGE” remark. More a “Christ-my-kid-is-small” remark.

  2. That’s pretty funny. But he is pretty big. Sarah and I regularly see little toddlers walking around and comment to each other how Oliver is just as big or bigger. And people wonder why my back aches so much …

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