Monthly Archives: November 2008

Horror movie scare No. 3: “The Strangers”

Sarah and I wrapped our annual scary movie-watching experience with the film “The Strangers.”

Released earlier this year, the movie sort of came and went with little fanfare. While not the best horror movie I’ve seen, it’s a decent flick. Lots of freaky moments.

“The Strangers” is allegedly based on a true story, but a quick Google search proves that to be quite a stretch. Basically, a mom and her family were killed in a cabin maybe 20 or 30 years ago (I’m too lazy to search it again, and we watched this on Thursday so I’ve forgotten some details). Anyway, in the movie version, it’s a man and his girlfriend who are the victims. They’re attacked at a house, and that’s seriously the closest connection I could see.

The couple is played by that Ben guy from “Felicity” and the girl was played by the better half of those old Aerosmith videos (Liv Tyler, for those who don’t know). Well, they get attacked over and over. The attackers wear masks and never explain why they are attacking. The couple do stupid things over and over … you get the point.

So pretty scary, but not the best. Oh well. Maybe we’ll have better luck next year.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. We had a fun one. Oliver spent the day in his skull-and-bones shirt. Sarah dressed as a pirate for work (not really her style to dress up, but she succumbs easily to peer pressure and everybody in her department dressed up for a contest).

So after work, we threw a do-rag on Oliver and I took a mommy-and-son pirate picture. We also put the eye patch on him. It was funny. He just stared blankly at me. Here are the pictures:



After dinner, we put Oliver’s official Halloween costume on him. We dressed him as a dragon. It was darn cute. Sarah and I put our little bistro table on the front porch and the three of us sat out there and handed out candy. Here are some pictures of Oliver in his costume:



After Oliver went to bed and the trick-or-treaters stopped showing up, Sarah and I watched a scary movie. I’ll write about it in the next day or two. It was pretty freaky. Later on.