Exhausting weekend

It’s almost time for bed on Sunday night, and it’s safe to say that it’s been quite an exhausting weekend. My day job has kept me extremely busy lately, and I’m in the middle of grading papers pretty much nonstop until this semester ends for the classes I’m teaching. I spent several hours on Friday, Saturday and today grading papers. Between that excitement, I did spend a lot of time with Oliver. The little guy is pretty pooped out himself. Below are a few pictures from his part of the weekend (sorry, no pictures of me slouched over a keyboard).

Saturday afternoon, we decided to take Oliver to the grocery store. On the way, we decided to stop by a department store. Next thing we knew, we had hit four stores, the grocery store and Bread Co. for dinner. Oliver was out cold by the time we got home:


Today, we took Oliver for a walk up to the local elementary school where we goofed around on the playground:


After we got home, we gave Oliver a bath:


Then he crashed for the night:


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