Oliver and Molly – best of buds

Molly, our crazy goldendoodle, has been front and center the past couple of days. We took her in to get her haircut on Saturday. The next couple of days, she was acting really strange and obsessively scratching herself and biting her fur. Plus, her skin was pink — everywhere. Then, a couple nights ago, she puked several times and had some loose …. well, you know.

We took her to the vet yesterday and they think she had an allergic reaction to something (possibly the shampoo at the hair place). Anyway, she’s on doggy ‘roids now and looking much better.

Anyway, with thinking about Molly, it’s hard to not think about how much Oliver adores her. His face just lights up and he squeals with glee when she’s around. Here’s a video of the two of them interacting:


And here’s a still version:


Finally, this is Molly with her latest short-hair ‘do:


1 thought on “Oliver and Molly – best of buds

  1. I am setting these up to go directly to grandmas computer. We are trying to get her to check it everyday. Olive is getting so big! Enjoy!

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