Horror movie scare No. 1: ‘Vacancy’

Thanks to everybody who gave us scary movie suggestions the past few days, both here on the blog and off-line. Sarah and I are going to try and watch at least three movies from this list:

Halloween (2007)
The Strangers
Prom Night
30 Days of Night

We started our “scare adventure” last night with the movie “Vacancy.” This movie is from 2007 and sort of just came and went at the movie theaters. I barely remember hearing about it. It stars Kate Beckinsale (and my libido goes “hummna-hummmna!!”) and Luke Wilson (an odd casting choice to me at first glance, but I liked him in the role).

Horror movie clichés abound (car broken down in the middle of nowhere, creepy hotel, etc.), but it was packed with some tense, scary moments. The plot of the movie revolves around the making of snuff films. Enough said. Perhaps the best part of this movie was it’s running time: It came in around an hour and 20 minutes. As tired, new parents, we love movies that are short like that.

Next horror movie up? Not sure yet, but I’ll let you know soon enough. I’m leaning toward “Halloween” (2007), which was directed by Rob Zombie. He’s the guy behind a CD I listened to a lot in high school (“La Sexocisto” by White Zombie) and helmed my favorite horror movie of all time “House of 1,000 Corpses.” It will be interesting to see where he takes the “Halloween” movie, since that’s one of my favorites as well.

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