Date night for us old timers

Sarah and I had two date nights in the past four days, thanks to a five-day visit from my mom. She came to spend time with Oliver, and who were we to argue with that? It was great having her here. Not to mention that her presence allowed us some time away from parenting and our house.

On Thursday, we went to The Pageant for a Ben Folds concert. We had a decent time, but were a little disappointed in the set list, which was heavy on new songs (check the set list on the link above; I’m not going to re-count, but I think 12 of the 15 songs played before the encore were new or alternative versions of new songs). We did get to hear a few classics near the end which made up for things, sort of. Anyway, our old legs and backs were tired by the time the show ended. Three hours of standing was tough.

Us old timers had another date night last night. We headed to Old Town St. Charles for some fantastic New York-style pizza at Talayna’s. Afterward, we went to the movies to see this horror flick called “Quarantine.” It was one of those shaky, hand-held camera movies (like “The Blair Witch Project” on steroids). We both felt sick from the god-awful camera work and kept closing our eyes. Sarah left the theater with 30 minutes left, but I stuck it out to get our $18 ($18!!!!!!) worth. Blech!

So two date nights in four days … that was great. But an observation I had: Parents dating in their early 30s are  a lot like teenagers from my era dating in high school. Here’s how:

HIGH SCHOOL: You go to dinner at Denny’s, Steak n’ Shake, McDonald’s or the like, chowing on burgers and swigging down soda.
NOW: You eat dinner at cooler restaurants, enjoying pizza, fish tacos or steak while downing a couple beers or margaritas in the process.

HIGH SCHOOL: You follow up dinner with a dollar-show, PG-13-rated movie.
NOW: You drop $18 ($18!!!!!!) on a really lame movie at some giant megaplex, making sure the flick is an R-rated movie so you don’t have to deal with obnoxious teens.

HIGH SCHOOL: You rush to make it home by midnight to make curfew.
NOW: You rush to make it home by midnight because you’re old and tired.

HIGH SCHOOL: [Original thought, involving the “end” of the date, removed at the wife’s request]
NOW: [Same here!]

93 thoughts on “Date night for us old timers

  1. we went to the hockey game saturday. blues/blackhawks. kristine got us tickets (she’s working of her balance due for an nkotb concert ticket). there was a fight 2 sections over in the stands. about a dozen people involved and cleared out 2 rows by the time security was done. how’s that for date nite excitement?

  2. I LOVE Talayna’s pizza! Remember the one at Forest Park Pkwy. and Skinker? That place was the best. Ben Folds concert + Talayna’s pizza = 2 awesome dates!

  3. YES … the Talayna’s near Fontbonne was awesome. Some darn good pizza. Glad to know that there’s a location close to my house. It’s like a little hold-in-the-wall restaurant. A lot of character.

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