Oliver finally makes it from Point A to Point B

Today, Oliver officially crawled for the first time. Well, we were told so at least. Sarah’s parents had him today, and they took him to the office of their financial adviser. As Annette went to throw a diaper in the trash, Oliver propped himself up on a blanket and crawled forward several feet. Rod and the adviser told Annette, who couldn’t believe it. So they placed Oliver on the floor and rolled his stroller several feet away. Oliver crawled over. They did it again. Oliver crawled again.

How cool it must have been, and I wish we could have witnessed it. By the time that Sarah and I tried for a repeat performance at home, Oliver was pretty tired. His “crawl,” when he could muster the energy to try, was more like what you’d see in Army boot camp. Anyway, this is the best we could come up with, so enjoy:

9 thoughts on “Oliver finally makes it from Point A to Point B

  1. Yep, that’s what we got! Only we thought more “Navy Seal” crawl. He’s going to have to lose the grunting and groaning, though – there’ll be no element of surprise. He is sooo cute, and just as good!

  2. don’t feel bad. i was working the first time nina rolled over. got a phone call that my daughter was doing tricks and it broke my heart….

  3. He did a LOT better for us tonight. It was really funny. I kept moving his little baby laptop back and forth across the floor. He’d pivot around and drag his little body over.

  4. It is pretty amazing. However, from what I hear, you’re the lucky one. People say that with mobility comes new dangers around the house. So much for plopping him down on a blanket and then grabbing a bite to eat …

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