Enjoy the bugs, Mr. Toad


Mr. Toad,

Sitting atop the top step on our patio, you have freaked Sarah and me out for two consecutive summers.

You’re usually out pretty late at night, like when I’m letting the dog out to go to the bathroom before bed. Most times, though I should know you’re out there, I catch a glimpse of you in the corner of my eye and almost jump out of my shoes. When you startle Sarah, she tends to let out a shriek and hop over “your” step as she enters the house and slams the door shut behind her. You must find it all amusing.

Each time we open that door, about 2-3 bugs fly into our kitchen. I’m sure that number would be much higher without you standing guard outside. From your picture, you appear to be eating quite well.

Anyway, I realize that with the cold weather moving in, you’ll soon be hibernating for the winter. I read somewhere that toads usually live 4-15 years, so we hope that you continue to come back and see us each spring. For now, continue to enjoy the bugs.

Your friend,


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