Enjoying the zoo (with carrot sticks) at Houlihans

Yesterday, we HAD to get out of the house. With nothing special in mind and a temperature pushing 100 degrees outside, we decided to go push Oliver around Chesterfield Mall. Fun, right?

Well, it was OK. And after we finished walking all over the dang place (and discovering the various elevator locations throughout the facility), we decided to grab dinner. There was the Cheesecake Factory (with a major wait to get a table), the food court (Panda Express anyone?), Auntie Anne’s (pretzels for dinner?) and Houlihans. We chose Houlihans.

Turns out that Houlihans employees are not exactly sure how to treat families with small kids. First example? As we were greeted at the entrance, we were asked, “Do you need a kids menu?” I’m like, “Ha. Well, he’s only 4 months old.” The kid waiter gave a blank stare. I said, “No. We don’t need a kids menu.”

Next, we were lead to a room at the very back of the restaurant. It was like a zoo back there, as they seated every family with a small child in this room. It was the “with-kids-only” section. I liked the fact that they felt we could not be integrated with the other diners. Heaven forbid a small child sit with the rest of the customers.

The final funny folly from this dinner experience came when we were feeding Oliver a bottle at the table. Our waiter, all of maybe 17 years old, said, “Do you want me to bring her some carrot sticks?”

“Her? He’s a boy,” I said, curious as to how this young man could have missed the blue outfit with construction equipment on it.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Do you want me to bring HIM some carrot sticks?”

“Umm, no. He’s not quite ready for carrot sticks [SIGH],” I replied, trying not to laugh as I glanced over at Sarah.

I’m amazed at how idiotic these people at Houlihans were, but maybe I was that way a year ago before we had Oliver. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m glad the Houlihans crew works at the restaurant and not as babysitters.

129 thoughts on “Enjoying the zoo (with carrot sticks) at Houlihans

  1. Sure, it’s easy to be smug now — but weren’t you ever that 16-year-old who couldn’t tell the difference between a 4-month-old and a 1-year-old (or whatever age for which carrot sticks are appropriate)? Take it easy on the childless — we don’t know any better! 🙂

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