The boy shows us a few new moves

No matter how tired I get, there’s no more amazing feeling than watching our son grow into his little body. OK, maybe at 17 pounds it’s not so little, but still …

Try as I might, sometimes I forget how amazing these feats are. My Aunt Sandy was here yesterday and met Oliver for the first time. She stopped by with Great-Grandma Carol. Seeing the joy in their eyes as they held Oliver made me proud and made me think about how cool our little boy is.

The past 10 days or so, Oliver has been showing off his new moves. Since we are now back in possession of our camera cord and can upload pictures again, I present a few of those moves:

Today, he rolled over for the first time. He can go from his back to his stomach, but doesn’t appear to have mastered getting back into his normal position. He makes the cutest faces when he gets propped up on his arms.


He’s also been laughing at us for the first time. Here, he’s laughing at Grandpa Neal during our trip to Springfield, Mo., the previous weekend.


Oliver’s hair has always been full and thick, but now it’s long enough to support a baby shampoo-endorsed mohawk.


And we just started putting him in his “exer-saucer,” since he’s able to fully support his head. Though he’s played with everything (not all the toys are in place in this picture), he’s shown a preference for a goofy-looking sunflower thing.


Soon, he’ll be crawling around and cutting teeth. Can’t wait to see how he amazes us next.

10 thoughts on “The boy shows us a few new moves

  1. Yes, it has been a while. Nice to hear from you. Look me up (or I’ll do so myself) on Facebook or LinkedIn and let’s catch up some time.

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