Emotional Intelligence Test concludes that I may have a chance …

There’s been a lot of talk about emotional intelligence at my office of late, and for good reason. There are studies out there that show employees who score highest on EQ (the abbreviation – don’t know where the “Q” comes from) measures rise to the top of organizations. EQ is one’s understanding of emotions, in oneself and others, in a way that allows you to deal effectively with people and problems in ways that reduce anger and hostility and increase collaboration, life-balance and creativity.

Always a person who thinks I’m smarter and more stable than 99 percent of the people I encounter, it’s hard to back it up. Though it’s not a thorough examination, I recently took this “scientifically validated,” 106-question EQ test:


According to the results, I am able to overcome difficulties in my life and control my mood in all but the most trying of times. I’m easily motivated to overcome obstacles and achieve results. I also find social interactions easy and fulfilling. Oh yeah, and I have an empathetic nature and a clear mind when it comes to helping others and offering good advice.

If you have 15 minutes to spare, try the test and let me know what your results say about you. Are you ready to rise to the top of your organization (as I apparently am)? Or do you think it’s a bunch of new age B.S.?

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    Blog Full of Letters: Emotional Intelligence Test concludes that I may have a chance …

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