First Father’s Day – Poll to help pick the best pic

My first Father’s Day is pretty much over (Oliver’s in bed for the evening — well, at least until his next every-two-hour-every-night feeding). It was nice. We spent the day over at the in-laws. We barbecued and played Wii Fit, which was pretty cool.

Afterward, I made the long trek from this hills behind Six Flags and Jellystone Park down to Brentwood for an ice hockey game.

This afternoon, Grandma Annette took some nice pictures of me and the little one. I thought I’d pick the best of the bunch to put into the new swivel picture frame that Oliver Sarah picked out for me. Then I can put it on display at my office. Here’s where I need your help. Please let me know what picture you like best. Just leave a vote for your favorite photo as a comment. At the end of the week (say 6 p.m. Friday), I’ll tally the votes and have a print made of the most popular shot (unless I change my mind, of course, which I have the right to do!!!).

Option A: Giving the boy a lift.

Option B: Monkey/senior pic pose.

Option C: The Charlie Brown and Linus shot.

Option D: The neither-one-of-us-really-knows-how-to-play-piano shot.

103 thoughts on “First Father’s Day – Poll to help pick the best pic

  1. If you are going for a cute sentimental photo, I say go with the first picture. Although, the Charlie Brown photo has me cracking up with tears in my eyes!! I bet most people go with #1. Good luck with your decision!

  2. I vote for “A”…it reminds me of your mom laying on her back on the floor and holding you up, and you drooled straight into her mouth!! Now, that is love for you! Happy Father’s Day xoxox

  3. I’m placing my votes (can I vote twice?) on A and C. Though B did make me laugh out loud when I read the caption. Happy Father’s Day!

  4. I vote for none of them — if you put any of them up in your office, they’ll be too cute for anyone to resist and you’ll always have someone in your office looking at it. Your billability will go right down the drain because you and Sarah have the cutest kid on earth. Just my two cents.

  5. Okay, Rod and I both think #2 is good of both of you. I like #1 but the background is too distracting; #3 totally cracks me up; and I love Oliver’s finger on #4! He is ready to play chopsticks!!

  6. I vote for “A” because it shows so much love in your eyes (Justin). I think “C” is hilarious and would be fun to have on display somewhere.Justin, how lucky you and Sarah are to have Oliver. I, like both of you, love him more each day. Can’t wait to see all of you again. Love, mom XO

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