Sarah’s first week back at work

Sarah’s first day back at the office after a three-month maternity leave was this past Monday. She says it was difficult being away from Oliver. “Obviously, he was in me for nine months, and I felt him kick and move and then, after he was born, I’ve been around him 24-7 for more than 12 weeks,” she said. “Not having him with me was like losing a little part of myself.”

Yes, Sarah has found the experience of leaving little Oliver behind for the day to be sad. She’s probably going to kill me for writing this, because she’s the type of person who hates to show her emotions, but she confided in me that she cried several times on Monday. It started as Grandma Annette drove off Sarah’s work parking lot with Oliver in tow. It continued just about every time somebody asked how Oliver was doing, how she was doing, whether she wanted to grab lunch, and just about anything else. You name it.

Her second day back was today, and she said it was a little easier. However, I don’t think she’ll ever really get over not being able to spend her days with the boy.

On Monday, I captured a picture of Sarah and Oliver in the classic “first-day-of-school” pose. Check it out:


And, after much anticipation, here’s the first really good Oliver smile photo we have been able to capture. Enjoy:


35 thoughts on “Sarah’s first week back at work

  1. I’m going to be honest…I’ve seen better baby smiles. I had to write it…there needs to be at least one negative comment on this blog just so you can appreciate the positive ones even more.

  2. Seriously man, that is one cute kid!! You now have Katie hooked on this blog. Just got word from the wife, Mary’s baptism is at 4:30 at St. Stephen’s church. I’ll give you directions tonight. Hope you guys can come. better be coming!! Party afterwards at our house.

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