Back at home, feeling refreshed (and tired)

We’re back at the abode in St. Charles, enjoying the last few hours of our three-day weekend. We had a great trip to visit my parents in Springfield, Mo. On Saturday, we went to the Branson Landing. It’s an outdoor shopping area along the lake. The weather was fantastic. I’d say about 75 degrees, but with a nice breeze. We ate dinner there at some bar and restaurant that had outdoor seating overlooking the water. It was pretty cool.

Today we kept it easy prior to our long drive home. We’re all tired now. Oliver has crashed, the dog won’t move unless I drag her across the carpet by her feet (but why would I do that?!!?), and Sarah and I are ready to go to bed (and ignore the 15 or so bags, boxes and piles of stuff from the trip that are piled up in our kitchen).

Below are a few pictures of the boy and the rest of the gang from our first out-of-town adventure. Enjoy.

Oliver’s face says a lot about what he thinks of Bass Pro:

This is what the next generation of Lopinots looks like after a day of shopping in Branson (woo-hoo!):

Here’s the obligatory grandparent-with-sleeping-grandson photo:

Grandpa feeding Oliver a bottle at the restaurant:

Me taking over for senior Lopinot:

Oliver a few minutes ago, ready for bed:

Molly, our spastic goldendoodle, is even tired tonight, so of course I had to take a picture:

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