The Mother’s Day we never saw coming

Today was the Mother’s Day we never saw coming. A year ago, this day was not great. Instead of being excited about what the next year would bring, Sarah and I were despondent. We were desperately wanting to have a baby, and we were near the breaking point.

May 2007 turned out to be a busy month. We had a trip planned for Memorial Day weekend for my sister’s wedding in Minnesota. We went, we partied hard (OK, I did — or at least I was told that I did), and we came back refreshed. More importantly, we came back relaxed. And magically, within two months, we had achieved our goal: Sarah was pregnant.

So this year, instead of being jealous and angry watching 17-year-old girls dragging their fatherless babies and their babies’ 34-year-old grandmothers around Target, we are celebrating.

We are celebrating life. We are celebrating Oliver. And we are celebrating Sarah’s motherhood.

Sarah is the sweetest mother one could ask for. If Oliver could talk, I’m sure he would have spent the day telling her how much he loves his momma. Below are a couple pictures taken today of Sarah and her chubby bundle of miraculous life. Enjoy:




2 thoughts on “The Mother’s Day we never saw coming

  1. Dearest Sarah, You are enjoying some of life’s sweetest moments. You cannot imagine how much you will love the first painted or glue-y, messy present he will someday bring to you. Welcome to motherhood! xoxo (your holiday is next month Justin)!! 🙂

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