Schweig Engel doesn’t take my arm (or leg)

I needed a good laugh today, and I found one (well, several actually) on YouTube thanks to a post I found on a sports forum I check out on occasion. For those who lived in the St. Louis area in the late 1980s and early 1990s, you’ll remember these Schweig Engel commercials from late night TV, like during old “Three Stooges” episodes on KPLR-TV and overnight movies on KDNL-TV. My favorite line went something like, “I can’t get any credit. Here, take my arm. And take my leg, too!”

Here are a couple classics, followed by a link to some has-to-be-awesome dude’s YouTube page, which includes a batch of these babies for your enjoyment. By the way, what ever happend to these three Schweig Engel guys? They’re sorely missed.

134 thoughts on “Schweig Engel doesn’t take my arm (or leg)

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