Did the New Madrid Fault give us our first earthquake???

We just woke up to our bed shaking and the walls squeaking. Did the New Madrid Fault just give our area its first earthquake? Did that crazy guy’s 1986 prediction come true? Or is our house possessed? This happened, literally, four minutes ago. Nothing on the news about it. I may call the TV stations. I’ll post more later, if I find out anything. We’re pretty freaked out?

106 thoughts on “Did the New Madrid Fault give us our first earthquake???

  1. Not the New Madrid, but a fault on the east side of the region from what I hear. Our dog started going BIZERK at 4am and we couldn’t figure out what her malfunction was … until the house started shaking!

  2. Eeks…welcome to our world!? Magnitude-5.2 earthquake struck in southern Illinois on April 18, 2008 at 0436…it was felt over ~23 states & Canada! Check out Earthquake.usgs.gov for link to ‘did you feel it?’ – you can report your experience – earthquake blogging! Be safe—remember to NOT have anything over the baby’s crib that could fall in if another quake/aftershock happens. Love you all.

  3. After posting to my blog, I actually visited that site to find more information. Since nothing had been written, I filled out that form you mentioned. Crazy. We just had an aftershock here a short while ago. I’m going to write about it before taking lunch here at the office.

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