A first Easter for Oliver

In case you have been locked in a vault somewhere or are reading this blog from some jungle on the other side of the planet (ahem, Trevor!), Easter was today. For those of you who don’t live in the St. Louis area, let me first tell you about the weird weather today. We had snow. I’m talking HUGE flakes of snow. And it was coming down in droves. It looks almost fake, like in a movie. Then the snow would stop all of a sudden and the sun would come out. Then it’d start right back up. Here’s a picture of me standing on my in-law’s porch:

OK, OK. I know what you’re thinking (yes, I’m talking to Sarah’s friend Judy and some other readers out there – I know who you all are!!!). You’re thinking, “Quick putting pictures of you and backyards on the blog. Just give us more of Oliver.” And I’m hearing you loud and clear. What’s ringing through my ears is, “Oliver. Oliver. Blah, blah, blah, Oliver. Blah, blah, blah, we don’t care much about you anymore, Justin. Blah, blah, Oliver.”

And I don’t blame you. He’s an adorable little newborn. Anyway, he had a great first Easter. He got to meet his cousins, Nathan and Kaitlyn, for the first time (I’ll blog about that later in the week), and he got a lot of gifts. However, he didn’t seem too happy to pose with his Easter bounty. Enjoy the picture (it cracks me up):

Happy Easter everybody!

11 thoughts on “A first Easter for Oliver

  1. Nothing quite says “Happy Easter” like BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! So cute. You must have a great time styling that hair, too. Baby mohawk during bathtime, anyone?

  2. Happy first Easter to Oliver! The snow is so freaky! It was 90 degrees, plus or minus a few degrees today in Los Angeles…go figure! We all love you! xoxox

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