Our first day as parents

We had a really special day today, but it hasn’t soaked in that we’re parents yet. That’s probably because we didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with Oliver today. Between Sarah’s recovery from the C-section and Oliver being at risk for low blood sugar, the mother-and-son parties were kept separate for most of the day.

Even now, Oliver is in the special care nursery, hooked to the tiniest little IV ever. He’s doing well, but the doctors and nurses want to make sure he maintains a healthy blood sugar level before he’s allowed back in our room. I just got back from spending 30 minutes holding him there. Sarah can’t get out of bed, so she hasn’t seen him since 4:30 p.m. Kind of sad, but Sarah really needs her rest. The surgery was rough on her.

They think his blood sugar level is low because his cord was wrapped around his neck in the womb. That darn cord’s probably also the reason he was all stressed out and we had to go with the C-section option this morning.

Well, the moments we did spend with Oliver were awesome. And he got to see all four of his proud grandparents, his great-aunt Kay and his Aunt Carrie and her boyfriend, Eli. Sarah and I received great support, with dozens and dozens of phone calls, text messages, e-mails and comments on this Web site. We also had nice gifts delivered to our room from our friends Mike and Jennifer, and a cool “diaper wreath” from my colleagues at Standing Partnership. And some work associates who happened to be on-site at the hospital today made a special, and unexpected, visit to my room this afternoon.

All in all, it was a special day. I’m sure I’ll share more later, but I’m on fumes. Don’t believe me? Check out my disheveled look in this picture from the special care nursery, taken not long ago (you can also see where the IV wiring is going into Oliver’s hand area):


130 thoughts on “Our first day as parents

  1. Hi Justin & Sarah, You have both done an awesome job of getting Oliver safely into the world! I know you are asking all the questions you need to, and from what I am hearing via the ‘grandma grapevine’ Oliver is being well cared for. Get some rest, and remember we all love you! xoxo

  2. Hi Justin! Congratulations! He looks really sweet! We can’t wait to see him. I hope Sarah is feeling better today. I had a cesarean too. Tell her it gets better faster than you expect. She can call me if she has any questions or wants to talk. Talk to you soon-Julie

  3. Hey there, new parents! I heard from Jenny that you welcomed Oliver into the world today. I’m so happy for you! He’s gorgeous!:) Julie

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