T minus 10, 9, 8 …

I say there are 10 days left. Sarah says there are nine. I don’t want to argue over it, and math hasn’t been my specialty over the years, but either way we’re looking at delivering on March 6. And no, we’re not doing the “trendy” inducement thing that’s sadly becoming all the rage. Her doctor is actually scheduling ours for legitimate medical reasons. It’s precautionary and nothing major.

It’s kind of exciting knowing that in nine 10 days or less, I’ll be holding my son. Looking into his eyes. Thinking about playing catch with him in 2012, taking him to get his drivers license in 2024, watching him graduate from high school in 2026, sharing a beer with him in 2029 and, perhaps someday, watching him go through the joy and excitement of a pregnancy just like Sarah and I doing right now. It’s going to be cool. I can’t wait. Let the countdown begin.

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