And then we spoke His name … our son’s name, that is

Over the weekend, Sarah and I finally came to an agreement on our son’s name. Looks like we’ll have something to write on the birth certificate now. I bet you’d like to know what it is, right? Very interesting spot this puts me in …

Everybody has asked (over and over again) what we’re going to name our son. Right now, and as we’ve stated all along, we’d like to keep the name a secret. Really, it’s just something we don’t want to share at this time. Yes, we’re not sharing because you made fun of the possible names we discussed a few months ago (you know who you are). And we don’t care that you know some guy named Billy Bob who used to work at a pizza joint and smelled like he just woke up next to a gorilla keyboardist.

Now don’t sweat it too much — you only have to wait about two more weeks to find out!

4 thoughts on “And then we spoke His name … our son’s name, that is

  1. As long as you guys are still planning on giving him the middle name Susan, I’m ok with what ever you might name him. I really hope that I get a text message on his birthday saying that Cletus Susan Lopinot is born.

  2. It is amazing when you see your baby, and you have a name in mind, you will know if is “Chester, Justin Jr., Wilbur…” You just know. Can’t wait! I love surprises!

  3. Sarah & Justin, We are all so excited to know who will be waking you up at night pretty soon! I am sure in Lamaze they ‘warned’ you about a spurt of energy and the urge to clean…Mother Nature knows her stuff. Save that energy for labor. Love and hugs, Shirley xoxo

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