Home alone for the last time in a long while?

Today’s high was about 18 degrees in the St. Louis area. There was snow and sleet, though not much of either. It made for a dreary setting for what could have been my last day home along for quite some time.

Yes, I took a sick day today. I needed it, actually. I feel like total crud, and I have hardly done a darn thing. It’s been great. However, it kind of freaks me out that the next time I take a day off from work most likely will be for paternity leave in a few weeks. I won’t be alone anymore. I’ll be with Sarah and our newborn son.

I kind of enjoy being here by myself, doing my own thing all day. I mean, OK, the dog is here, but she’s extremely well behaved when it’s just the two of us. She mostly just sleeps at my side, all curled up and cute. Maybe when Chester Justin Jr. Wallace our son grows up a bit and starts school, I’ll get another day home alone. Or maybe even tomorrow, if my condition doesn’t improve, will provide me with one more day of solidarity. Who knows?

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