As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be

Sarah and I had a good cry tonight after reading a book together. It was like we were 5 years old, watching “Old Yeller” for the first time. I started the book, and the cry built up and up. Sarah had to take over with a few pages left.

The source of tears wasn’t some classic masterpiece tearjerker. It was a children’s book, and we were reading it to our unborn son. The book is titled “Love You Forever.” My sister and her husband mailed it to us, which was pretty cool. The crying? Not so cool.

So what, exactly made us cry? I don’t know.

Perhaps it was the emotion of being just a few weeks away from being parents to a sure-to-be beautiful son.

Perhaps it was the song the mother sang throughout the book:
    I’ll love you forever,
    I’ll like you for always,
    As long as I’m living
    my baby you’ll be.

Perhaps it was the fact that this mother and her son continued to get older together with each turn of the page, and she continued to hold her son and sing this song to him. Just seeing that kind of love and thinking about being old and and still so much in love with our son brought joyful tears to our eyes.

Or, perhaps it was the end of the book, when the mother was too old and sick to finish the song, so the son, now a young man, picked his mother up and sang the song to her. Then he went home … [hold on, I’m having trouble typing – please give me a minute] … and sang it to his new baby daughter. Whew…

Is that weird? Are we freaks for getting so emotional? It’s a children’s book, for christsake. I totally need a blast of testosterone tonight. Wow.

21 thoughts on “As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be

  1. Wow did you just bring back memories. We had that book when my kids were little and I have NEVER been able to get through it without sobbing like I’m at a funeral. In a weird way, I like it.

  2. Heh heh – welcome to parenthood! If you think that book’s rough, try “If You Ever Wonder” by Max Lucado – to this day I can’t get through that book without completely breaking down and sobbing. Don’t worry, you’re totally normal – and you’ll be great parents!

  3. You think you know what love is until you hold that baby in your arms. There is no feeling like it in the world. With how strong that feeling is each day that goes by it gets stronger. That is how parents are able to get through the not so fun times. When they are asleep you will always see your baby. Enjoy every minute of your journey!

  4. My heart is so full of love for you & Sarah as you become parents. You have just tapped into the endless ‘well’ of love (and tears, joy & laughter) that a new baby brings to you. Take time to savor the smallest things: your baby will grow up SO fast. So take nothing for granted. Trust your instincts. My suggestion for your next book? Good Night Moon. Both Adrian & Shana knew it by heart very early. LOVE YOU!!ps: real men DO cry! (Since you are wondering: Yes, I am crying!)

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